ChitMonks entry in the chit fund domain is an enriching & refreshing experience. At a time when the industry is seamlessly going ahead, embracing technology, for greater transparency and enhanced service, the value proposition this tool brings in for the subscribers in terms of knowing their Net Interest rates for different opportunities will give a big boost to this traditional financial intermediary.
My Best Wishes to Pavan and the ChitMonks team for greater success in the times ahead!

-T.S. Sivaramakrishnan
General Secretary, All India Association of Chit Funds (Regd.)
Director, The Balussery Benefit Chit Fund Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi

ChitMonks team has done a wonderful job in using technology to bring some interesting insights to the way the chit funds are / can be managed. The HiPi calculator which uses a statistical model and predictive analysis to interpret the interest rates along with the reinvestment opportunity cost of the subscriber is a break through innovation to promote Chit funds.
I wish Pavan and ChitMonks team a great success.

-Prof. Mudit Kapoor
Advisor,Chit Fund Research Indian Statistical Unit, ISB

Many FIRSTS by ChitMonks. New age technology touch to traditional financial product, Knowing the reinvestment rate of return on chits, Market place for registered chit funds, Chit portfolio manager, Subscriber management tools for agents and many more. Information is Wealth : team ChitMonks is empowering the subscribers, agents and foreman to reimagine this traditional instrument.
I wish team ChitMonks a great success.

-BVS Subrahmanyam Gade
Vice President, Kapil Chits